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“Spiritual Foundation for Life”

Have you ever built a house, garage or new building? If you have, what was the foundation built upon? Was it rock? Sand? Swamp grass? Quicksand? This Sunday’s sermon is about building a spiritual foundation for life on the “rock” of our faith. Jesus does a quick comparison between sand and rock; sand being the deterioration of ones faith and belief and rock being the support and strengthening of ones’ faith and belief.

Thoughts and questions to ponder may include the following:

  1. What forces influence your ability to remain strong and hopeful in a world of darkness?
  2. Recall the wisdom of the “Story of the Three Pigs” in which evil could destroy a house of straw, a house of wood, but NOT a house of bricks. (oink!)
  3. How can we strengthen our foundation in faith…what are some thoughts and actions we could take to build up our faithful foundation?
  4. In many communities people build a tornado shelter into their homes. Where do you turn for shelter in the often unpredictable storms of life?

Run barefoot in sand BUT build your house on rock,
Rev. Jim

Sunday Nov. 1, 2015 – Welcome New Members!