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This Sunday’s Message

Do you enjoy a nice walk in the woods? Fishing at the local pond? Traveling up north to the cottage? Planting a nice garden? Watching kids play outdoors?

This Sunday we celebrate Earth Day; a day in which we give thanks to God for this great creation. It is also a day to reflect on ways that we can be good stewards of God’s gifts of fresh air, clean water, and good earth. A day to be grateful for all the millions of species of plant and animal life. A day to deeply appreciate the beauty of nature.

Many centuries ago King David sat down in the outdoors maybe in the desert…maybe at a rivers edge and wrote the marvelous Psalm 8 as a reflection of his gratitude for all that the Creator had made. This Sunday we will examine Psalm 8 and reflect upon the following:

  1. How David looks over all of God’s creation and says, “How majestic is Your name in all the earth?”
  2. David lists the children, infants, the heavens, stars, flocks of birds, herds of beasts, and all that swims as GLORIOUS.
  3. Many schools have programs to help educate our children on ways we can try and preserve these natural gifts from God.
  4. Caring for the earth and nature is linked to how we live our lives…are we environmentally connected to preserving these beautiful gifts?
  5. BTW birds are now beginning to nest in our nature trail with 21 bird houses…bluebirds and swallows.

Let us all gather this Sunday to be informed, express gratitude, and enjoy the gifts of Earth Day.


Rev. Jim

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