New Hope UCC: Our Family of Faith

Embracing All in Christ’s Love

Greetings Friends!

Have you wondered about the qualities of your life that make it meaningful? I kind of wonder about this a lot. So for those who are wondering and wandering about such existential thoughts …THIS is your Sunday!

The wonderful prophet Micah has offered to us three ideas and challenges for meaningful and faithful living. What does the Lord require of us? i.e. What does God require from us in the short time we live in this dimension? Micah suggests that we are to do three things:

  1. Do Justice
  2. Love Kindness
  3. Walk humbly with our God

Were any of these items on your list of shaping your life in a faithful and meaningful way?

Come and hear wisdom from the prophet Micah and the 8th century B.C. . . .WOW, that’s a lo-o-ong time ago! Yet truth is eternal!

Somewhat wisely,
Rev. Jim

Sunday Nov. 1, 2015 – Welcome New Members!