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This Sunday’s Message

This week we plow some deeper theological ground as we take to heart “The Farewell Address of Jesus” as He prepares for His Ascension. It is both a sad and yet a joyous occasion. It seems that Jesus’ destiny was to be here a short while and then to be eternally joined with His Father. Our ancient ancestors had the privilege of seeing Him in the flesh for 33 years and now we “see Him” in spirit.

Points to ponder:

    1. If you knew of your impending farewell, what would you say to your family & friends before your departure?
    2. What elements of your life would you need to get in order?
    3. Jesus leaves His followers and us a few gems of wisdom:
      1. “I have given them (disciples) Your Word and the world has hated them”…why do people hate/reject the words of love from Jesus?
      2. Why are we sometimes deaf and blind to the words of love and grace that God gifts us?
      3. “I gave them (disciples) the words you gave me and they accepted them.” You and I have been given these same words…do we accept or reject them or simply refuse to live them?
    4. If you’d like, you can Google “famous farewell addresses” and you will be amazed at the beauty and rich wisdom inherent in many of them.

Thank God this is not my final farewell address to you but an invitation to really think deeply about what you want to do in the time you have left.

Farewell, till Sunday,

Rev. Jim

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